Villa Kemuning Ubud
Villa Kemuning Ubud

Kedisan - Tegallalang, Bali

It is impossible to visit Bali and not come across numerous temples and rice field terrace.

Rice, in addition to being a staple food Balinese, is part of the local culture. Cultivation is done according to ancient rituals, inextricably linked to religion and philosophy site.

The planting and irrigation system of rice field terrace is known as Subak. The land is cropped out into layers or terraces (rice terrace) for the water begins to be accumulated in certain spots, but it also flows naturally from the hilltop to the lower area.

The idea is to cultivate rice, creating a harmonious relationship with the gods, with the ground and with other people. This, indeed, is the basis of all Balinese philosophy - Tri Hita Karana.

The center of handicraft in Bali is Tegallalang, and one of famous Rice-Terrace in Bali is Ceking, and from both these tourist destinations it takes only 5 mintes drive to Kedisan Village is the place where Kemuning Villa situated also as also a part of Tegallalang district.

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